In underserved communities, local business owners generally report that there is a disconnect between the business community and the communities of those with the resources and opportunities to aid in their success. To bridge this gap, we work closely with local business owners to help create or refine infrastructure, build capacity, find opportunities, connect with resources, and tackle barriers to success. We also guide new business owners through the business formation process.


Our team has over 30 years of experience in community engagement and outreach. We leverage our longstanding social, civil and political relationships to ensure that information benefiting the health, interest, rights and needs of the community gets disseminated.


Federally and locally mandated programs have been essential parts of the government strategy to reduce unemployment, mandating the hiring of local residents for companies receiving large government funds. Our workforce intermediary services assure compliance with First Source and Section 3 mandates by recruiting and vetting quality employment candidates from the local community, executing needs assessments, hiring fairs, workforce development, and providing retention support. These services also assure community support and buy-in.


DEO utilizes a holistic approach in our workforce development strategy to address the employment disparities in under-served communities. We provide opportunities for residents in both personal and professional development, with a focus on each residents’ specific barriers to employment, in conjunction with employer matching. It is our goal to create a pathway to self-sufficiency for the many hard-working and capable local residents.


Laws and regulations governing construction compliance are complex and rapidly evolving. Our compliance team works with developers, general contractors and sub-contractors to monitor and assess compliance of First Source, Section 3 and CBE/SBE/MBE/DBE participation.